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The Lewis Carroll Society of North America-Spring Meeting 2011

The Lewis Carroll Society of North America
Spring Meeting: April 16-17, 2011
Internet Archive, San Francisco, CA

April 17 Speakers:
Mark Burstein-The Internet Archive-Welcoming Remarks
Sandor Burstein & Joshua Brody, accordion-“Alice Liddell’s Accordion” A Selection of Songs
August Imholtz-Presentation
James Welsch & Rachel Eley-"Farflungnügen: Comments on the State of the Blog"
Alan Selsor-“A Few Words about Charles Ware”
Stan Isaacs-“Lewis Carroll’s Puzzles”
Lauren Benjamin-"Vision and Wonderland: Mystical Sight and Photographic Knowing in the Alice books"
Brewster Kahle-“The Internet Archive”
James Saint Cloud-“The Alice Code”
Dan Singer-“Disney’s 60th Anniversary DVD”
Selwyn Goodacre-“New Explorations into The Hunting of the Snark (in Eight Fits)”
Mark Burstein-“Scented Rushes: Alician Erotica” (Adults Only!)

Audio/Visual sound, color


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